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I have a lot of shit, okay


BAD LUCK LARA by kateppi
after like two full gameplays later, I decided to finally make fan art 

tomb raider's lara croft
art by me
spring unsprung!! by kateppi
spring unsprung!!
i know the event for the group she's in is over but i really like making outfits ok

ever after high concept
art and character by me
AEAH: Tempest Wych by kateppi
AEAH: Tempest Wych
Tempest Wych
Daughter of a Witch

Parent's Story: A story in need of a witch!
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Birthday: October 24th
Star Sign: Scorpio
Division: Rebel

Description: Witches are so popular. But sometimes, they play such minor roles! And sometimes, they live! A witch's offspring doesn't always play what their parent played; most of the time, we play similar roles all over the place. I have speculations of what story I'm actually meant for. Maybe I'm meant to be the witch for Jorinde and Joringel, or maybe The Witch in the Stone Boat. Or maybe I'm just meant to play a role in another story as minor as the Sea Witch in the Little Mermaid. But I'm sure whatever story I'm for, I am meant to either lose my magic or my life is brought down tragically either in death or imprisonment. If it weren't for that small detail, I'd be happy to help someone's story by being their villain.

Interview Questions:
  1. What is your heart's desire?
  2. Secretly, I'd like to make my own story. Write my own. With me as the hero, with my own happy ending. But to everyone else, I say that I want to make good business and help people find their own destinies.
  3. What "Magic Touch" makes you special?
  4. Animals and I get along famously. I end up creating a close bond with almost all true animals I come into contact with. Sometimes, if I save up resources and enough magic, I will be able to conjure a spell that will give me the ability to turn into an animal of my choosing for a week.
  5. Does anything make you shout "Oh Curses!"?
  6. When a spell goes horribly wrong, or when people misunderstand me or my actions. Or any violence, really!
  7. What is your storybook romance status?
  8. I'm happy not being in a relationship. I think of it as I don't really need one. Maybe the idea can seem nice sometimes, but it's definitely not a priority!
  9. What's your favorite subject at school?
  10. While I do enjoy Spells, Hexes, and General Witchery because I'm good at it, I like Environmental Magic because I learn something beneficial everyday! I also enjoy Beast Training and Care.
  11. What's your least favorite subject?
  12. Croquet and Bookball! I know they're technically not subjects, but they're so violent! Crownculus is frustrating though.
  13. Who are your best friends 'till the end?
  14. My snake Hecate. And whoever may prove themselves of being a best friend in the future!

Additional Info:
:bulletyellow: Hecate, her snake, almost never leaves her. She's like an accessory. 
:bulletyellow: She goes by the nickname "Temp"
:bulletyellow: She seems nice and selfless, caring and all that, right? She doesn't want a unhappy ending so she can be happy, right? Yeah, true, but really, Temp secretly has dark intentions. She wants to become an all-powerful witch. She dreams of being a ruler of large lands of her own, and even wants some people to fear her if they won't respect her. This is why she does well in villain classes.
:bulletyellow: She's technically supposed to be a villain still so she does take General Villainry, Evilnomics, and all those 'evil' classes. 
:bulletyellow: She is technically a liar, if you couldn't get that idea by now. Yes, she's kind, but she hides that she can be malicious and sometimes selfish. And she's really good at hiding that. She says she hates violence, but will sometimes do it herself. She loves animals more than people, but she will surprise you when it comes to what she'll do to animals at times. Don't think too hard on that.
:bulletyellow: When she saves enough resources and magic for the correct spell to turn into an animal, she will usually either turn into an owl or a cat.
:bulletyellow: She sometimes speaks in riddles.
:bulletyellow: She spends a lot of times in the woods or by windows.
:bulletyellow: She sometimes steals ritual supplies like vials, herbs, candles or other supplies from classrooms.
:bulletyellow: She casts dark spells like hexes and curses but can also cast charms and lighter spells. Magic for her is very nature-based.

I rp in chatrooms or notes!

app provided by AfterEverAfterHigh
ever after high concept
art and character by me
to the people i've been rping with
i had stuff to do


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